Relocating To Atlanta


Atlanta is a wonderful place to live and work. Many people who arrive here love it so much they never leave. The weather is truly the best in the country with mild winters and the most beautiful springs and falls you will ever experience. As a native, Chip ought to know. He has chosen to live here his whole life.

Team Realty Group and the  CHIP AND KATHY team can assist you with all your relocation needs. We have handled whole divisional moves from such companies as Icon, G.E., Kodak, Shell, Coors and the like. We have a team of relocation specialists to meet your every need from finding the home you want, to introducing you to the benefits of our southern lifestyle. We can provide you with relocation maps, school information, county and city services, tax information, new home subdivision location and costs and relocation packages from various chambers of commerce. We are by far the most specialized and experience relocation team in the metro Atlanta area. You will never need another REALTOR. Our company is a place where customers and clients become our friends and extended family.

If you are thinking about relocation voluntarily, now would be a great time to email or phone us for further information. Kathy relocated south from Chicago and would love to share with you her personal reasons why Atlanta ought to be at the top of your list. TALK TO KATHY. She has the answers you need and are looking for and stands ready to help you any way she can. You can reach her direct a 404-697-4626 or email her at WELCOME HOME.