All Realtors Are Not Created Equal


Do you believe in the law of supply and demand? Of course you do! You can sell your home for more money if you are able to bring more buyers through your home. How many qualified, ready, willing and able purchasers did your last REALTOR or did you, show your home to?

Chip and Kathy's Team Realty Group has gone far beyond the traditional methods of marketing. While traditional methods of selling a home have generally worked in the past, today those same methods have been proven to be very ineffective in generating buyers for your home. Our team is on the cutting edge of new and creative technology and marketing methods. When we market your home we don't wait for buyers to call us, we pro-actively target market your home to specific buyer pools. This is why we sell more of our own listings than any other Atlanta agent. We so thoroughly market your home that most agents could never handle all the potential purchasers we are able to create. So we have hired five full time licensed buyer specialists to handle the presenting of Chip and Kathy's listings to the potential purchasers our marketing generates. We provide those buyers exposure to the homes that most meet their needs through our unique Buyer Profile System. Then the Buyer Specialists in their specific geographical locations, will tour those homes with the buyers. That way your home is exposed to as many potential purchasers as possible in the shortest time. It's really just the law of supply and demand at work. If we can supply more buyers, you can obtain more money for your home, with minimal inconvenience, which is exactly what you want. You can count on us to deliver those results for you!