General Real Estate Fund

Team Realty Investment Group, LLC is seeking to perpetually fund and maintain a general real estate fund of $1,500,000 in liquid equity. Funds will primarily be used as equity investments against secured new construction and rehab loans on residential and some commercial investment properties purchased by us, our LLC's or ongoing partnership interests. This allows us call upon our 83 years of combines real estate brokerage, development and construction experience and timely take advantage of unique real estate opportunities when we see them. Money placed into our General Real Estate Fund (GRF,) will have a hold of a minimum of 366 days (one year and a day) and will be either personally guaranteed, company guaranteed or stock guaranteed. If investors are happy with the returns they are making they always have the opportunity to renew and roll over. Any option to renew by any individual investor (person, entity, corporation,) shall be exercised by the investor in writing 60 days before their note "due date." Written notice of the investor's intent can either be exercised by mail, email or fax. If no notice is given and we are not contacted, then investors will automatically be removed from the fund upon maturity of the note due date.

Investments in this fund are staggered with others investments in order for the fund to accomplish its desired purpose. This also allows investors to either roll over or roll out and gives new investors the opportunity if needed to roll in and replace them. The minimum investment in the General Real Estate Fund is $ 10,000 and the maximum participation by any single investor is $ 250,000. The structure of the fund is divided into three tiers, A, B, and C. Upon making an investment in the General Real Estate Fund, each investor will be told up front into what tier they are subscribing. The tier structure and investment opportunity for each is as follows:

TIER "A" (The first $ 100,000 raised)
     Notes bear interest at 12% simple interest, are secured against real estate and are personally guaranteed. Interest in tier "A" is paid monthly.

TIER "B" ($ 101,000-$ 500,000 raised)
     Notes bear interest at 10% simple interest, are secured against free and clear assets and are corporately guaranteed. Interest in tier "B" is paid quarterly.

TIER "C" ( $501,000-1,500,000 raised)
     Notes bear interest at 8% simple interest, are secured against company assets and are stock guaranteed. Interest in tier "C" is paid annually at time of note maturity.

In addition to the simple interest on the notes in this funds, investors will participate in the profitability of the investments made with the use of money from the General Real Estate fund. Though each investment made with the money in this may be different, it is the goal of the managers of the General Real Estate fund to achieve returns substantially above the actual note's simple interest. BECAUSE REAL ESTATE IS A SPECULATIVE INVESTMENT, EACH INVESTOR SHOULD LOOK ONLY TO THEIR NOTE INTEREST AND PRINCIPLE AS THEIR SOLE DECISION TO MAKE AN INVESTMENT IN OUR GENERAL FUND. We believe if we accomplish what we set out to do that far more investors will want "in" on this fund that ever get "out."

Lastly, as an investor in our General Real Estate Fund, you will be given first right of refusal to participate separate in investment opportunities we either find, create or liquidate outside of the general fund. Many of these opportunities have historically had SIGNIFICANT returns to our individual investors with returns well over 20%.

For more information about our real estate programs, opportunities and participation in our General Fund, please contact:


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TEAM REALTY INVESTMENT GROUP, LLC / 6085 Lake Forest Drive / Suite 200 / Atlanta, Georgia 30328