For Sale By Owners


Before you decide to sell FSBO, consider these questions and weigh the answers of assuming the responsibility versus employing a professional. DO YOU HAVE THE TIME, ENERGY, KNOW HOW AND ABILITY to devote a full forced effort to sell your home? One of the keys to selling your home is accessibility. Realize that a certain amount of hours each day will be required of you to show and sell your home. ARE YOU PREPARED TO DEAL WITH AN ONSLAUGHT OF BUYERS WHO WILL LOW BALL YOU? Screening unqualified prospects is part of what we do and often goes unnoticed. Accepting a low ball bid is usually worse than paying a brokerage commission. ARE YOU PREPARED TO ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT FINANCING? Not every one is a cash buyer so financing and loan options are vitally important. We have a complete team, from lenders to title reps and attorneys to utilize, at our disposal. DO YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND THE LEGAL RAMIFICATIONS AND STEPS REQUIRED IN SELLING A HOME? Many home sales have been lost due to incomplete paperwork, lack of inspections or not meeting your states disclosure laws. Are you well versed in legalese and are you prepared to handle disputes with buyers? Many home sales have been lost and the seller sued for misinterpretation of what was negotiated. HOW CAN YOU EVEN FOLLOW UP WITH A POSSIBLE INTERESTED PARTY, WITHOUT APPEARING DESPERATE? Even the most well-meaning follow up call by you will appear to the buyer an act of desperation, resulting in a low ball offer, if any.

IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT SELLING YOUR HOME, then call the legendary experts to help you.. CHIP AND KATHY. We are determined, direct and dependable and will net you more money in the long run.  Guaranteed.