Find Your Dream Home


1. Pick a winning team to help you. That team should be us! There are approximately 3,100 subdivisions around metro Atlanta and you cannot possibly know what quality is out there. The choice you make in selecting your REALTOR is important. With the right selection, you will have an experienced professional in your corner.

2.Use an agent who specializes in the type and price point of home you are looking for. New home specialists, as well as resale specialists can make your search for a home a pleasure as well as meeting your needs. As an experienced team, we have both.

3. It's a cliche, but location, location, location! The desirability and resale value of your home-to-be depends on location more than any other single factor. Don't let emotion get in the way of a wise investment. No home is an island, and the value of yours is affected by the homes around it.

4. Your first consideration is the neighborhood. Every neighborhood has its own unique character; you need to make sure you would be comfortable in the one you are thinking of living in. Take a long walk and observe carefully. Do people take care of their yards and homes? Do children play in the streets? All these things matter.

5. Once you have a clear detailed picture of the home you want, make sure we have that same picture. This communication is critical. Otherwise, we may be wasting time looking at homes you are not interested in. Let us know too, your priorities. We will then strive to satisfy as many of those desires as possible.